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                  Contact Us

                  • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路
                  • Tel:400-0552-595
                  • Fax:0552-4099915
                  • E-mail:bblhysj@163.com

                  Joint bengbu compressor manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 2002, is a professional engaged in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, coal, mining, metallurgical and other industries the development and manufacture of the compressor is used, engineering and technical services for the integration of international enterprises. 

                  Combined compressor headquartered in bengbu huaihe river shore - China, reorganized from bengbu compressor factory. In the continuation of its more than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, on the basis of applying scientific management idea, absorb advanced foreign technology unceasingly enterprising, innovation, integrity, product quality as enterprise life. In 2003 won the "Chinese quality wan lixing" the domestic compressor industry the first batch of "quality first, honesty, good reputation", credit quality, guarantee the implementation of the enterprise, and through ISo9001:2000 international quality system certification. 

                  Joint is committed to become the world s compressor equipment supplier and technical service. In the past ten years, joint in technology research and development, production scale, market development has achieved rapid development. Combination with independent research and development of the compressor is widely used in gas energy, petrochemical industry, instrument air separation, oil field gas lift sweep line, metallurgy, mining, denitration, and other fields, products cover all industries and regions and exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, tajikistan, India, Pakistan, Korea, and many other countries, has many well-known enterprises at home and abroad of qualified suppliers and partners. 

                  United will be adhering to the "to survive, to strict refinement, by honestly asks the letter" principle. Continue to provide innovative, safe and reliable products and services integration solutions. 

                  熱線電話 : 400-0552-595
                  Contact Us
                  • Contact:夏雪
                  • 銷售專線:400-0552-595
                  • 圖文傳真:0552-4099915
                  • 售后服務:0552-4190088
                  • 聯系QQ:157966709/591139695
                  • 網址:http://www.homeandofficemakeovers.com/
                  • http://www.lhysj.net/
                  • 郵編:233000
                  • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路