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                  Contact Us

                  • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路
                  • Tel:400-0552-595
                  • Fax:0552-4099915
                  • E-mail:bblhysj@163.com
                  Quality control

                  2003 passed the ISO9001:2003 international quality system certification, and established a set with the company for the quality management system. From parts procurement to equipment delivery, each link has been effective quality control.


                  Procurement process quality control

                  Joint always choose high quality parts suppliers, and the appraisal of suppliers for long-term management, establish an effective supplier evaluation mechanism, strict inspection into the factory, a verification mechanism. Put an end to all the unqualified parts suppliers.


                  Process quality control

                  Every machine processing and manufacturing of organization process engineer, welding engineers, materials engineers processing plan approval to ensure the effectiveness of the design process. According to the technical document control program process engineer on site according to the different choices of different equipment processing, the method of processing the order. Personnel in strict accordance with the "work instruction manual", "process flow card" for every step of the process operation, and execute "self-check" "absolute" "ZhuanJian" system, to ensure that the quality of production.


                  Equipment quality control

                  Equipment personnel in strict accordance with the "equipment process control procedures", the quality engineer shall be carried out in accordance with the "inspection procedures for inspection.


                  The factory quality control

                  After the quality engineer to ensure that all processes qualified qc engineer according to the commissioning process to test equipment, test the overall performance. Qualified after registration into the Treasury.

                  熱線電話 : 400-0552-595
                  Contact Us
                  • Contact:夏雪
                  • 銷售專線:400-0552-595
                  • 圖文傳真:0552-4099915
                  • 售后服務:0552-4190088
                  • 聯系QQ:157966709/591139695
                  • 網址:http://www.homeandofficemakeovers.com/
                  • http://www.lhysj.net/
                  • 郵編:233000
                  • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路