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                  Oil field gas lift
                  S - 10/150 of the high pressure compressor (diesel engine)


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                  • Product Name:S - 10/150 of the high pressure compressor (diesel engine)
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                  • Addtion Date:2014-12-23 10:34:31
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                  Product Introduction:

                  Product name: S - 10/150 of the high pressure compressor (diesel engine) 

                  The nominal volume flow m after/min: after 10 m/min 

                  Breathe in Mpa pressure: the atmospheric pressure 

                  The exhaust pressure Mpa: 15 Mpa 

                  Equipped with power Kw: 153 Kw 

                  Oad mm: 7000 * 2200 * 2200 (mm) 

                  Kg weight: 8500 Kg 


                  Product features: 

                  VltGd -W35, VHGdW15 series device prizing type compressor introduction of Austria in early ninety century technology production, and its superior performance, high degree of automation. The series of piston compressor, air cooled. Various series car type, fixed type two kinds, both by the compressor, oil machine (or motor), clutch, pipeline system and manipulation of the series, electric equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc. 


                  Product application: 

                  Product is suitable for oil drilling, pipeline pressure testing, sweep line, gas lift and other projects, also applies to oil, coal, metallurgy, national defense industry and other departments, also can be used as the national economy in other engineering displacement after less than 20 m/min, exhaust pressure no greater than 34.3 Mpa air or air station. 


                  (this series all pressure data can be modified according to customer-s specific requirements, if any requirements, please ask our online customer service, we will answer for you) 


                  (the above data are for reference only, the parameter change, without prior notice) 

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