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                  VF - 1.35/250 high-pressure compressor


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                  • Product Name:VF - 1.35/250 high-pressure compressor
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                  • Addtion Date:2014-12-23 10:46:28
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                  Product Introduction:

                  Product name: VF - 1.35/250 high-pressure compressor 

                  The nominal volume flow m after/min: after 1.35 m/min 

                  Breathe in Mpa pressure: the atmospheric pressure 

                  Exhaust Mpa pressure: 25.0 Mpa 

                  Equipped with power Kw: 30 Kw 

                  Oad mm: 1850 * 1700 * 1500 (mm) 

                  Kg weight: 2000 Kg 


                  Product features: 

                  1. High efficiency, stable, safe and reliable. And really 24 hours non-stop operation (high level stainless steel combination ring valve, valve plates, etc to old adopt Sweden made from stainless steel belt, low pressure with advanced patent technology of dc valve "makes volume increased by 13%, a 13% drop in consumption) 

                  2. Low exhaust temperature (exhaust pressure 7.0 Mpa, the exhaust temperature of 170 ℃ or less and the processing of cooler outlet temperature is higher than only environment temperature 15 ℃, 20 ℃) 

                  3. Low vibration (new, independent of the dynamic balance design, low vibration, the vibration intensity index is better than that of time advanced level 4 times) 


                  Product application: 

                  Product is suitable for mining, road construction, civil construction, machinery manufacturing, water and electricity, PET bottle blowing, leak detection, military industry and other fields 


                  (this series all pressure data can be modified according to customer specific requirements, if any requirements, please ask our online customer service, we will answer for you) 


                  (the above data are for reference only, the parameter change, without prior notice) 

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