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                  Industry news
                  Air compressor water solution

                  (a) air compressor has abnormal noise 

                  1, the cylinder with noise 

                  (1) fall into the foreign matter or broken in the cylinder valve plates, removal or broken valve plates; 

                  (2) the top of the piston and the cylinder head top touch, should adjust the clearance; 

                  (3) the big watts, small head sleeve and the piston transverse hole excessive wear and tear, and shall be replaced; 

                  (4) piston ring wear, too much work in shock occurs in the ring groove, replace the piston ring;; 

                  (5) cylinder with water. 

                  2, valve with noise 

                  (1), exhaust valve group is not pressure, should tighten the valve chamber side cover fastening nut:; 

                  (2) the valve spring is damaged, change in time; 

                  (3) valve combined with loose bolt, nut, screw the nut; 

                  (4) between valve plate and valve cover clearance is too large, adjust the clearance, replacement of valve plates when necessary 

                  3, crankcase with noise 

                  (1) excessive connecting rod wear, change new tile, 

                  (2) connecting rod bolt not tighten, tighten the; 

                  (3) the flywheel not impaction or key cooperate too loose, should hold tight, 

                  (4) main bearing damaged, replace the bearing; 

                  (5) on the crankshaft oil baffle loose, a new oil baffle. 

                  (2) of lubricating system failure 

                  1, strike oil broken needle should be replaced; 

                  2, oil level too high or too low, adjust the oil level to the prescribed scope 

                  3, oil brand is wrong, should be in accordance with the requirements of specification oil change: 

                  4, lubricating oil is too dirty, clean the oil should be replaced. 

                  (3), pressure is not normal at all levels (low or high) 

                  1, the inlet and exhaust valve valve plates or spring damage, leakage, should be replaced; 

                  2, the inlet and exhaust valve seat with dirt, leakage, remove dirt; 

                  3, air filter clogging, shall be clean; 

                  4, tracheal road leak or cooler air leakage, repair; 

                  5, piston rings and cylinder wear serious, flat, should be replaced. 

                  (4) the exhaust temperature or high temperature cooling water drainage (water-cooled) 

                  1, the hair the air cylinder to cylinder overheating, repair cylinder, piston; 

                  2, exhaust valve leakage or valve spring, valve damage, the replacement of damaged parts; 

                  3, cooling water shortage, increase the cooling water flow rate; 

                  4, cooling waterway jam, cylinder, cylinder head, fouling too thick or blocked in the cooler, removal of incrustation or blockage; 

                  5, inlet and exhaust valve and charcoal, gas channel impeded, clean up the carbon. 

                  (5) of the exhaust pressure gauge 

                  1, the inlet and exhaust valve piece or the spring hysteresis, maintenance and repair; 

                  2, pressure gauge is damaged, replacement of; 

                  A foreign body, instrument piping. Clean up the blow. 

                  (6) displacement decrease 

                  1, the air valve leakage, grinding to repair or replace new parts; 

                  2, piston rings, oil scraper ring, excessive cylinder wear, replacement of wear parts; 

                  3, air filter blockage, tracheal road flat, removal of dust filter, repair line; 

                  4, check point on the piston clearance is too large, reduce cylinder pad, to reduce the clearance volume, 

                  5, air compressor speed is lower than the rated speed, check the line voltage, frequency, repair or replace the motor. 

                  (7) mechanical failure 

                  Piston ring card dead, dry grinding, cylinder crankshaft connecting rod killed, rolling bearing damage, system assembly gap is too small, or run 

                  Lubricating oil is too dirty, oil level is too low, add lubricating oil assembly clearance should be adjusted or replaced. 

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