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                  Contact Us

                  • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路
                  • Tel:400-0552-595
                  • Fax:0552-4099915
                  • E-mail:bblhysj@163.com
                  Corporate news
                  Bengbu daily for my company to report again!

                  On May 15, 2014, bengbu daily A2 version again for my company. Bengbu combined compressor manufacturing co., LTD., is reorganized by bengbu compressor factory, in 2002, officially changed its name bengbu combined compressor manufacturing co., LTD. Combined with "the good faith is the guarantee of enterprise permanent development", "quality is the foundation of the enterprise permanent existence", "integrity + quality = enterprise life" of the enterprise purpose, one step at a time, in February 2014, officially in pregnant far economic development zone. 

                  Our factory main six compressor series products, a. LPG series; B. gas system classes; C. natural gas high pressure gas bottle; D. well gas, (dry gas and moisture) casing gas and rich gas, gas system classes; E. chemical, industrial air compressor system classes; F. project, in the air, high pressure compressor, hundred specifications varieties, displacement from 0.2 80 @ / min, exhaust pressure from 0.2 Mpa - 35 Mpa. Products are widely used in natural gas, coal gas, oil field gas and rich gas, dimethyl ether, propylene, carbon dioxide and chlorine gas, ammonia, chloride methane, nitrogen, freon, special industrial gas, such as two fluorine ethane. In the recovery, gas, gas injection, scanning line and petrochemical process of widely used in the field of voltage stability, compression and transmission. 

                  Bengbu joint, welcome to visit our factory guidance, communication. We are looking forward to cooperating with you! 

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                  熱線電話 : 400-0552-595
                  Contact Us
                  • Contact:夏雪
                  • 銷售專線:400-0552-595
                  • 圖文傳真:0552-4099915
                  • 售后服務:0552-4190088
                  • 聯系QQ:157966709/591139695
                  • 網址:http://www.homeandofficemakeovers.com/
                  • http://www.lhysj.net/
                  • 郵編:233000
                  • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路